I’ve been “Concert Lucky” Lately


Now if you know me, you probably know that I LOVE music.  I mean, I work at a radio station so it’s pretty obvious, right?

Anyways, my little, Vanessa, texted me Monday afternoon asking if I wanted to go to see One Direction with her on Tuedsay. SO I SAID YES.  I love One Direction, but aren’t some of those crazed fangirl types to camp outside and spend hundreds of dollars on albums, concert tickets, etc.  That period of my life belonged to the JoBros (RIP).  We got the details ironed out, and she ended up finding $75 floor tickets.  As the next day came around, I went to the Meadowlands from Penn Station (Note: It seemed like I was the only one who was over the age of 16 and not a mom on that train, also I was the only one alone).  I got excited, my thirteen year old self was going to come out again!  We got in (thank heavens) and headed to our seats.

I’d say we were REALLY CLOSE.  Like 30-feet-from-the-edge-of-the-catwalk-and-can-see-facial-features-and-sweat close.  It was awesome.  Five Seconds of Summer was great and now I have a HUGE crush on the bass player (Read: Calum, I love you) and One Direction put on a great show – wonderfully produced, I danced all night with my little, and had severe post-concert depression.

I work 40 hours a week, so I got up around 7am to catch the bus from Vanessa’s house to get to work.  I even had time to stop by my new apartment to shower and eat!  Then at work, my friend at the last minute couldn’t go to see John Legend and asked me to go, so I obviously said YES.

After work, I headed to meet up with my friend and excitedly chatted about John Legend’s upcoming performance.  As we circled the Barclays Center looking for ice cream (still pretty upset we only found froyo!), we headed to our seats, but was stopped by a man who works on the “All of Me” Tour.  He asked us where our seats were (Section 218) and how many people were with us (just the two of us) and proceeded to say, “Here are some floor tickets, courtesy of John Legend.” AKA JOHN LEGEND BUMPED US UP TO THE FLOOR! ksdlkjfalsdkf.

I saw John Legend about 75-50 feet away from me.  He was great.  There were a lot of couples there, but it’s okay because #IndependentWomenClub.  I went back to my apartment and went to sleep.  I just had the luckiest two days of my life.

Now my friends are jokingly asking me to go to concerts with them because I’m “concert lucky”.  Hey, I’ll gladly go with you guys.  Just pay for my ticket, okay? ;)

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