Oh, Boy Bands


WELCOME TO (33).png

For as long as I can remember, I’ve fallen prey to the allure of boy bands.

What is it about them that makes millions billions of teenage girls cry, scream, and shell out billions of dollars a year?

A former screaming teenage fangirl myself (my resume includes ‘NSYNC dolls & memorabilia and 6 Jonas Brothers concerts, tour gear, and an annual Team Jonas subscription), I still don’t know why I was so caught up with the boy band frenzy.  I thought I was going to end up dating a member of the Jonas Brothers and secretly still hold on to that dream (Read: Joe, call me).  My parents probably shelled out thousands of dollars over the years on magazines, books, tickets, apparel, and whatnot with the hopes of me outgrowing this expensive phase of a teenage girl’s life.

But why?

It’s because teenage girls don’t want teenage boys their age, they can find those anywhere.  They want rockers and singers that write their own music (always a plus) and can sing them songs about love and heartache, even though most of them have no idea what it feels like to have loved and lost.  They want to buy into the dream that their future partners in life will always be there with a catchy tune to lift her spirits, and let’s be real, boy banders are so gosh-darn cute.  It’s like a prerequisite or something, or maybe it comes with the title of being in a boy band: instantaneous attractiveness.  Oh, and accents… swoon.

Who really cares if that boy in your math class doesn’t even know you exist?  Harry Styles knows you exist and he loves you.

Ugh, boy bands are just great.

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