College is for Cooking


I’m convinced that college is the time to figure out what recipes work in the kitchen before you enter the real world.  Think about it, it’s often the first time in your life where you live away from your parents.  You’re responsible for making sure you eat.  Going out to eat and takeout is easy, but it costs so much money, and since you’re in college, you’re succumbed to eating boatloads of instant noodles.  Totally unhealthy and kinda gross after a while.

As of late, I’ve become a little bit more active in the kitchen, and by that I mean scouring Pinterest for hours pinning recipes to my board.  My board is kinda eclectic — I have healthy food, fried food, and tons of desserts.  I never know if I want to eat healthy or not so I just end up pinning everything that makes me hungry on my board.  And desserts, lots of desserts.  Who doesn’t like a good cake at the end of every meal, am I right?!

I’m no chef, but I’ve embarked on a journey to try to learn as many recipes as possible.  I even write down some of my family recipes on index cards and keep it in a recipe box!  I’ll admit, there have been some mishaps in the kitchen like overcooking the chicken, forgetting to defrost the meat, etc. but nothing too drastic.  I’m still trying to learn to cook and my apartment is still standing, which means I haven’t messed up too bad.  Yet.

On my quest to learn to cook better dishes, I’ve been trying to figure out the best recipe for banana pudding.  Don’t get me wrong, the banana pudding at Magnolia’s Bakery is to die for, but it puts a strain on my wallet when I end up buying four large tubs each month.  So basically I’m trying to find a recipe for banana pudding that closely resembles that of Magnolia’s.

Slightly impossible? Yes.  But I’m very determined.  I hope I find it soon because I’ll probably end up hating banana pudding which would be such a travesty.

Wish me luck!

Update: I’ve decided to add The Cooking Chronicles section to my blog, check out my delicious journey there!

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