I Can’t Flip Pancakes

WELCOME TO (32).png

I suck at pancake flipping.

Last week I had breakfast for dinner and tried out this two-ingredient clean banana pancake recipe and they were delicious!  I fried some bacon and made some eggs to go along with the whole ‘breakfast for dinner’ theme and it turned out pretty well.  I mean, there’s not much that you can do to mess up breakfast, it’s basically just frying things and waiting until it’s cooked.  The only way you could mess it up is if you don’t cook everything all the way or burn it.

As I was happily making my pancakes made out of one banana and three eggs (I added a dash of cinnamon for taste!), I started to flip them to the other side, but every time I flipped my pancake, it wouldn’t flip properly and it would turn into a blob.  After screwing up ten pancakes, I finally got the last four to be a little bit pancake-shaped.

Although it didn’t effect the deliciousness of my meal, I was pretty disheartened as I was eating my banana pancake blobs.  Presentation-wise, they looked horrible.  I kept thinking to myself that if I was on a cooking competition I would be booted out just based on the presentation of my pancakes.  I definitely have to work on my pancake skills before I become a mom in like ten years because my kids will be so sad that their pancakes are not even the slightest bit circular. I got ten years to perfect it, here’s hoping that I do!

Look at them, so circular and nice. Then I flipped them over and ruined the whole thing.

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