Getting Started in London


Today we explored London, and even though we were running on a combined thirty minutes of sleep, we managed to get through some city and pick up some stuff that we forgot in the States.

Leaving the airport was an adventure on its own.  Walking all the way to the Underground station with our luggage was a struggle and getting ourselves accustomed to the Tube System was tricky, but we caught on fairly quickly.  It’s much easier than the NYC subways!  My mom’s friend gave me and Phoebe this map of London since I only have a limited amount of data.  Between the two of us we managed to figure out how to get around using both maps and do a lot of exploring.


The London Underground is super nice and efficient.  Did I mention how clean it was?!  Once we got the hang of it, it was easy to get around the city.  The only downfall?  The large gap between the train and the platform.  We were struggling when we had to get our luggage up from the platform.

When we reached where we were staying in Kensington, we dropped of our luggage and explored around High Street and the surrounding areas.  It was kinda a culture shock when we got off the platform because the cars drive on the other side of the street.  We had to keep reminding each other to look to the left instead of the right, but it’s okay since sometimes the streets remind you to look in certain directions!

Once we checked in, we ventured off to Picadilly Circus and Soho to explore and get dinner.  Of course, we had Nando’s and it was glorious!


Just walking around London on our first day seemed to surreal.  The city is so beautiful and charming.  I have to admit that it is kinda weird to hear everyone speaking with an accent and us being the foreigners, but it’s a good kinda weird!  We’re still incredibly jet lagged.  It’s 3am UK time and we’re planning to get up around 8:30 here to grab breakfast before moving to our flats for the summer.  At least we got some sleep in during this hectic first day!

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