Hello, London!


Today is the first day of a month-long adventure of studying abroad in London as well as traveling throughout Europe.  Phoebe & I landed safely and early at Heathrow at 7am UK time (2am NYC time), but the downside is that we’re running on no sleep at all.  We are awake due to the caffeine we consumed on the plane.  I predict that we’re going to crash at around 5pm UK time.

Anyways, the flight was smooth and couldn’t have asked for a better ride.  Delta’s in-flight entertainment is pretty awesome.  We got to watch movies that are pretty new, but we both ended up choosing movies in which we were crying so the people around us probably thought we were insane.


Flying out from Newark earlier. Doesn’t the sunset look amazing?!

And now, we are waiting in Heathrow for my mom’s family friend to come and pick us up to take us around our first day in London!  It’s so exciting, but it didn’t even set in that I’m in London yet.  I guess when we move into our flats tomorrow that’s when it’s going to hit.

Let the adventure begin!

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