London’s Brick Lane


My first week in London has officially come to an end and if the upcoming month is anything like this past week, I’m excited!  On Thursday, my friends and I ventured off to Brick Lane to check out some street art, vintage shops and grab some curry for dinner. Walking around Brick Lane and seeing all the street art was so wonderful.  The art isn’t directly on Brick Lane, but on the side streets.  It was cool to venture ‘off the beaten path,’ so to speak and see some artists’ work.

One of Brick Lane's many  street art filled side streets

One of Brick Lane’s many street art filled side streets

And of course, we had a photo-op next to some cool pieces.  The piece pictured below is by an artist who goes by the name of Zokatos.  Checkout his Instagram to see more of his work!  Also, shoutout to Phoebe for taking this photo. We then walked into some vintage stores, but my favorite would probably be Blitz. They had a large assortment of clothes, accessories and shoes, but I was more concerned with their vintage record collection.  I peeked through a couple of titles, but I didn’t end up buying anything since they don’t have the record I was looking for.  Nevertheless, it was a cool space — and there was even a coffee shop connected to it!

Just one section of Blitz’ vast record collection

There was also this huge vintage market open from Thursdays – Sundays on Brick Lane, too.  There were tons of vendors and lots of cool pieces and thousands of records available for sale.  We just happened to stumble upon that area, so that was a pleasant surprise! Overall, Brick Lane was awesome and the food there was awesome, too.  Since there are so many restaurants in the area, you basically get to haggle what you get in your meal (the amount of courses, the amount of drinks, how much you pay, etc.).  If you’re in the mood to look around and explore some cool street art and get a quality meal for not that much money, then definitely go to Brick Lane.

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