Beautiful Brighton


Last Wednesday, my class and I took a trip to Brighton, a town in southern England.  Boy, was it beautiful.

We first stopped by Devil’s Dyke, one of the most picturesque views I have ever seen.  It’s basically a green pasture with a deep valley; in fact, it’s the deepest dry valley in the United Kingdom.  The views of the surrounding town were spectacular, and the valley itself was incredibly gorgeous.  And just when we were getting ready to leave, an Englishwoman and her 11 dogs approached us and we got to play with the dogs for a bit!  It was wonderful and of course it would happen in the beautiful English countryside.


We then made our way to the Royal Pavilion and toured the venue.  There were no pictures or videos allowed inside of the museum because most of the display pieces were owned by the Queen and they didn’t have permission to photograph these pieces.  However, we were allowed to photograph the exterior!  The surrounding gardens had soft, green grass and the flowers made the gardens feel so luscious.  The exterior of the Pavilion resembled the Taj Mahal and the details on the exterior of the building are so ornate.

Following the tour, we explored the town and visited the beach.  It was strange to see that the beach was covered in pebbles instead of sand.  It hurt a bit when I took off my shoes to dip my feet in the English Channel, which is freezing by the way.  The town is very quaint and gives a beachy, relaxed vibe.  I loved it.


We then got to see St. Bartholomew’s Church in Brighton.  The beautiful brickwork as well as the inside of the church transports you back in time.  You can even see the top of the roof from different parts in Brighton; in fact, it is known as possibly the tallest church in Britain.


It was nice to see a different part of England, other than London.  Plus, going through the English countryside was beautiful.  Even though I am studying abroad in London, after this trip, I want to see more of England.  My professor told our class one day, “London isn’t England just like how New York is not the United States.”  There’s so much more world to see out there, and hopefully during the next month I have in London, I get to see more of this beautiful country.

P.S. Thanks to Phoebe for taking these photos of me in front of the Pavilion and around Brighton.

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