Feeling Sporty at Chelsea FC & Wimbledon


In our first week in London, my class and I were able to take tours of the Chelsea Football Club stadium as well as the prestigious Wimbledon Tennis Club.  Needless to say that I regret my decision to quit playing tennis.

We spent the morning at the Chelsea FC Stadium in London.  It was pretty cool to walk around the stadium, sit in the press room and even see the locker rooms.  The tour was geared towards sports business, so that was really intriguing.  I didn’t really know how valuable football, or American soccer, teams were in Europe so it was a treat to see the revenue that the team brings in just from advertisers alone.

After Chelsea, we toured Wimbledon.  And yes, it was as beautiful and the grass was just as luxurious as it is on the television.  Our tour guide, Ben, was packed with interesting statistics and fun facts regarding Wimbledon.  Did you know that they have a specialized way of growing the grass every year?!  It was crazy to see the arena and sit on the seats especially because my family and I are huge tennis fans.  It definitely made me want to go and play tennis.  Now my goal is to somehow score tickets for Wimbledon, but as Ben was describing to us, it’s extremely difficult.  Fingers crossed that I get to go sometime in my life!

Chelsea and Wimbledon were amazing and I’m really glad that we were able to tour both venues.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience as to what the business of sport is really like and it made me want to get up and play!

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