Visiting the Queen at Windsor Castle


Visiting the Queen’s Residence at Windsor Castle was incredibly cool.  We even got to see her leave the castle to attend the Royal Ascot races!

We arrived in the beautiful town of Windsor and spent some time in their quaint market area.

After that, we went on a tour of the Castle — and yes, it was fit for a Queen!  The landscaping was beautiful around the Castle (I expected nothing less), and the churches and architecture of the area was simply incredible.

We were able to see Queen Mary’s Dollhouse which was so intricately crafted and so large.  It definitely felt like a small scale version of a castle.  We then got to see the numerous weapons on display as well as look at some beautiful paintings inside the castle.  They even had a room filled with coats of arms!

It was so crazy to think that Queen Elizabeth currently lives in that incredible castle.  The more that I was able to visit more castles in England, the more I appreciated the historic significance of the castle, area and country.  I guess you could say that I miss it a bit — I’ve always been sort of a history nerd so I was in my element at Windsor Castle.

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