Checking out the Center of the World at Greenwich


On our last free Wednesday in London, Phoebe and I made the trek to Greenwich to visit the Prime Meridian line — where the world splits into the Eastern and Western Hemisphere and where GMT is 0:00.  Basically, it’s called the center of the world and where time officially begins!

Taking the DLR to Greenwich was an adventure in its own right.  We got to sit in the front of the car and see everything ahead before us as if we were the conductors.  So cool!

We started our journey walking around the Old Royal Naval College which housed a lot of open space and magnificent buildings and started to make our way to the beautiful Greenwich Park.

Since it was a Wednesday morning, the park wasn’t too crowed or busy.  In fact, it was quiet and it was nice to stroll around in the gorgeous weather.  The trees were very green and luscious and there were so many of them; it felt like we were nestled underneath them!

We then made it to the Prime Meridian — which is the official area where latitude and longitude both equal zero.  It’s basically the area that divides the world into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres!  We didn’t get inside of the Observatory, so we took pictures outside the more quaint plaque.  Plus, the view was spectacular!

After we were done soaking in the incredible view, we checked out The Queen’s House, which is also located in Greenwich Park.  Walking on the beautiful white stone of The Queen’s House made me feel extremely regal and their rose garden in memory of the Titanic victims was beautiful as well.  All the flowers were in bloom and it looked lovely!

On our way out of the park, we even saw a beautiful green ivy wall.  We pretended to take pictures like Kim K, but it definitely doesn’t look the same, haha.

IMG_4325Anyways, Greenwich was such a spectacular little town outside of London.  I’m glad Phoebe and I ended up making the trek outside of town — it was so incredible to see where the world splits into two and where time officially begins!  I guess you could say that we were able to be on both sides of the world at once.

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