London Landmarks


My last post from London and it’s about all the incredible London landmarks!

Ever since I was younger, I always imagined how incredible it would be to see these London landmarks in person.  So, throughout the month that I was in the country, Phoebe and I tried to go to all of them.  Although we did miss one or two, we were able to hit up all the landmarks and even finished our month in London by riding the London Eye.

It was incredible to see the city from so high up!  Even though I am a little bit scared of heights… Phoebe caught me while I was scared that we were up so high, haha.


Even though we capped off our London adventure with the London Eye, we saw so many incredible sights while we were in the country, most of which are recapped in my blog posts.  But here are some photos of me at the different London landmarks.

Overall, I was completely ecstatic to finally see all these iconic sights during our month in London and I was so grateful that I had one of my best buddies, Phoebe, with me who was always down to visit such cool places and take pictures at all of them.  Thanks for putting up with me as your roommate for a month and taking a large amount of photos during the month.  We went on quite the adventure!  Although I won’t be having another European adventure any time soon, I’m glad that I took the chance to study in London for a month this summer because it was one of the best decisions I made in my entire life.

And London — I’ll be back, don’t you worry.

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