An Open Letter to Myself at the Beginning of my Senior Year of College

Dear Marian,

Congrats, you made it!  You’re in the final year of your undergraduate education, ready to take on the world and everything in its path.  It’s been a long time coming — almost 16 years of school — and you’re at the beginning of the home stretch.

Senior Year is going to be filled with great memories that you will cherish forever and memorable milestones that you will celebrate with your friends who you’ve grown, loved and laughed with.  You’ll finally be able to take part in senior year milestones like the homecoming tent and senior nights.  By the end of senior year you’ll be bursting with ridiculous stories that make you laugh so hard that you end up crying.

Then you have to figure out your footing in the real world.  There will be times where you will wonder if your degree will take you to where you want to be, career-wise.  You’re going to be tested on numerous levels and feel the immense pressure of the real world rest on your shoulders very shortly.  As your talented friends keep getting numerous job offers, maybe you’ll only get a couple, but don’t fret.  Whatever will be will be, even if it is graduating without a job.  It’s not the end of the world.

Along with the great times that Senior Year will bring, an air of sadness will always be looming.  You’ll no longer get to see your closest friends every day.  It will start to hit you that this might be the last time (for a while) that you and your friends will be together in the same city, maybe even the same country.  Some of them will move thousands of miles away and the excitement of this next chapter of some of their lives will make them incredibly busy, making it hard to meet up. Don’t worry.  Your paths will cross again, I promise.  It may not be in the near future, but it will happen sooner than you expect it and when it does, boy, it will be like you guys were never apart.

Even though this next year will be a crazy mix of emotions, don’t forget to enjoy the ride.  Cherish your friends.  Cherish your campus and being able to call yourself a student.  Always be eager to learn.  Breathe once in a while, too.  Tell your friends you love them and don’t make ’em forget it. Get ready for the best finale to your undergraduate career, Mar.  Stay focused, stay passionate and stay sane.  You’ll make it through, I know you will.

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