Roaming Around #29Rooms

margaret is turning

In the midst of the chaos that is New York Fashion Week, Refinery29 hosted their 10th anniversary party — an interactive funhouse set in a warehouse in Brooklyn.

Leslie and I decided to check out what Refinery29 put together since we are both regular readers over at Refinery29.  After our lengthy subway trip, we finally made it to the warehouse in Brooklyn which was colorfully painted.



The first location in the warehouse (besides the intro spiel) was a room filled with mirrors and the outline of lipstick kisses all over.  So, naturally, we both wanted to participate in this interactive art exhibit, but the hardest spot was looking for an empty space to smooch!

After our entrance into 29Rooms, we ventured throughout the rest of the interactive exhibits — a room with musical clouds, a response room answering the question “Who Are You?”, a room filled with larger-than-life bean bags and so much more.

Refinery29 definitely did not disappoint; they promised an Instragram-worthy funhouse, and they delivered.  As a person who loves to go to art exhibits and is a regular at art museums, Refinery29’s 29Rooms was the perfect marriage of great fun and thoughtful art.

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