Chanel No. 5 In a New Light



Way back in May, Chanel opened a pop-up exhibit titled “No. 5 in a New Light” heralding the relaunch of their famed and iconic fragrance.  Within this interactive exhibit were four different phases of the beginning of Chanel No. 5 — creation, cultivation, composition, abstraction and revelation.

Just adjacent from the High Line was the temporary home of the Chanel No. 5 exhibit that allowed visitors to experience the different phases that married together to create Chanel No. 5.  From the beginning of the exhibit, visitors are greeted with handsome models in suits there to aid visitors through their journey through the exhibit.

At the beginning from the exhibit, visitors take a look into the creation of the perfume by carefully listening to some of Chanel’s whispers.  Stepping further into the exhibit visitors are able to discover facts about the 94 year old fragrance from what flowers are used in each bottle of perfume to interacting with musical light beams activated by touch.

Once visitors walked through the 10 minute interactive exhibit, they were emptied out into a large room where they could write, decorate and send postcards using Chanel-inspired stamps.

Through this little pop-up exhibit, visitors not only got to see a behind-the-scenes look on how the iconic scent is created but got to interact with the brand on a different level by experiencing the stages of the perfume’s creation.

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