Exploring the #MuseumofFeelings

margaret is turning (3)

For a couple of weeks in Manhattan’s Battery Park City, the #MuseumofFeelings took the city by storm – it was a pop-up interactive museum that adapted to the feelings of New Yorkers.  It allowed visitors to experience the sounds, sights, and scents of emotions, and allowed for a cool exhibit.

After waiting on a queue for about two hours, my friends and I reached the entrance of the museum.  The outside of the building was changing colors – it served as a real-time mood ring for New York City.  Through analyzing social media and other metrics, the building changed color based on the overall mood of New Yorkers.  My friends and I visited on a Friday, and the building remained a consistent hue of purple, or worry.  Could it have been pre-weekend jitters?

Once inside, visitors are greeted with a visually stunning spectrum of color that changes based on where guests stand.  Here’s a photo of it.  Cool, right?



The rooms within the museum began with a description of what emotion was portrayed and a sentence or two describing the room.  Each room had an interactive aspect, whether it was wearing 3D glasses or using iPads to determine where the kaleidoscope would activate.  Besides the interactivity of the room, each room had a scent associated with the emotion; for example, the calm room boasted a lavender scent.  The museum did a great job of showing emotion throughout the senses, and it was definitely an experience that I appreciated.

And, of course, the museum provided visitors will Instagram-worthy photos.  Here are a two of mine that my friend Patty took of me.

At the end of the museum, guests were able to analyze their moods by taking a MoodLens selfie, which you can take and learn more about on their website.   In addition to a MoodLens selfie, visitors were able to take this experience home by purchasing candles that smelled like a room of the museum.  I took home the calm candle; it was a soothing lavender blend, and only cost me $4!

In short, the Museum of Feelings provided a different perspective on how people can experience emotion.  It was definitely a cool exhibit to see and I enjoyed my time exploring the emotions – big thanks to those who kept the museum up and running!

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