Your Guide to the 2016 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference First Round

March Madness is over and that game-winning shot by Kris Jenkins is now the stuff of legends. Shoutout to Villanova and the University of North Carolina for an amazing NCAA Championship.

Now everyone’s focus is shifting towards the 2016 NBA Playoffs and Twitter & your watercooler conversations will be talking about it.  Don’t know much about the playoffs this year?  Don’t worry, I got you.

Let’s kick off this series with the Eastern Conference First Round.

As of 1am EST on April 27th, here’s the lowdown on the Eastern Conference.

The Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Detroit Pistons.

Lebron, Kyrie, and crew are headed for the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs after beating a hungry Detroit Pistons team in a mere four games.  Don’t let that stat fool you, though.  The Pistons fought hard against the Cavs – the last minutes were competitive and nail-biting.  It was peak excitement when Kentavius Caldwell-Pope drained a three late in the fourth and electrified the crowd.

Even with all that noise, Kyrie Irving and J.R. Smith silenced the crowd.  No really, J.R. actually silenced them.

Even though J.R. hushed the crowd’s hopes of a possible Detroit win, it was Kyrie that lifted the Cavs to the series win, and this is how he did it… with a three.

Cold. Blooded.  Kyrie’s defense on the next possession sealed the deal on the Cavs’ second round appearance, and they won the game 100-98.  He even gave the crowd a proper goodbye.

The Atlanta Hawks are up against the Boston Celtics, 3-2.

After an incredible Celtics rally in Game 4 where Isaiah Thomas’ sons took the title of cutest press conference of 2016, the Atlanta Hawks came back with a vengeance.  They were ready to win and outscored the Celtics 74-42 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

What’s more concerning is that the Celtics’ All-Star guard, Isaiah Thomas, left the game with a mild left ankle sprain.  But, we’re sure his sons are cheering him on.  Here’s a clip of them at the Game 4 press conference.

With the whole team putting in some work, the Hawks now bring the series to a decisive Game 6.

The Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat are neck and neck.

Going against an offensive & defensive 1-2 punch of Dwayne Wade & Hassan Whiteside isn’t easy, but the Hornets managed to come up with a big win, much to the delight of team owner Michael Jordan.  No crying Jordan memes in this game, just Jeremy Lin doing MJ’s famous “shrug.”

Brought on by the post work from Frank Kaminsky and a combined 55 points from Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin, the Hornets were able to even up the series and show the Miami Heat that they are here to compete, too.  Although the game was close in the fourth quarter, the Hornets were victorious.

The Toronto Raptors got some help from the 6God in Game 5 against the Indiana Pacers.

No, Drake didn’t suit up and play for the Raptors, but the rapper was courtside when the Raptors won Game 5 in incredible fashion – coming from a 17 point deficit and after the refs waved off Soloman Hill’s three pointer that would have sent the game in overtime.

Even though Pacers’ Paul George had a stellar night – 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists – his team ended up with an L and a shoutout from Champagne Papi himself.  In a now-deleted Instagram post, Drizzy posted a photo of George with a teardrop captioned, “3 – 2…I knew you were scared :)”.

Guess it helps that Drake’s your team’s global ambassador, huh?  I guess you could say that the Raptors are charged up from that win.  I’m sorry, I had to say it. #DrakeForLife

That’s your guide to the first round of the Eastern Conference, check out our Western Conference guide coming later today.

Tweets are courtesy of the NBA, Bleacher Report, and NBA on TNT.

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