#WhatsInMyBag: Road Trip Edition



Summer is the time for exploration, and for many of us, we’ll be packing up a car and trekking out for the weekend.  Since you’re only going to be away for a weekend and the more bags you have lessens up your leg room, it’s imperative to only pack the basics.  So, to give you some ideas as to what to bring and what to leave at home, I’m going to walk you guys through what I brought on my five-day road trip to Maine.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Yes, this all fit in that backpack!

Now believe me, it took me a while to whittle down what I wanted to bring on this road trip to the photo above.  I had to make a lot of cuts and streamline my beauty routine (more on that later).  While this may look impressive, I did have a duffle bag that housed my clothes and my chargers for the trip.

In my backpack I kept the necessities – wallet, glasses, sunglasses, Muzik Connect headphones (my ultimate fave), sleep mask, snacks, and whatnot.  I also kept some beauty stuff – Urban Decay setting spray, my makeup bag, EOS lip balm, perfume, and LUSH face wash & scrub.  I didn’t want to squish all my makeup into my duffle, so I decided to give them room to breathe in my backpack.

Then I got my tech gear: Fujifilm Instax, Canon camcorder, portable charger, iPad mini, and flat iron! I definitely didn’t want to risk missing out on a cool sight because my camera was tucked away in my duffle.  And as for the flat iron?  I used it the morning we left and I packedup my duffle already.  Tbh, I’m just lucky that it fit in the backpack!

Finally, books!  I’m a bookworm so an 8+ hour trip is the perfect time to catch up on a good read, and I’ve been going through some books like wildfire.  I’ll be posting about summer reads on Between the Mediums next month, so stay tuned for that.

So, there is #WhatsInMyBag on a road trip!  I’ll be doing more posts like this, so stay tuned on the site for that.  As always, hit me up with any comments or concerns.



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