Bar Harbor, Maine: Views, Seafood & Blueberries


Two weeks ago, my family and I went on a vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine.  Yes, Maine, the home of lobsters.  While I indulged myself way too much on lobster that the sight or smell of it makes me a bit queasy, Maine has so much more to offer than the delicious seafood.  They’ve got a National Park and charming towns with beautiful coastal views that would make you want to visit sometime this summer.  I definitely got to know what it felt like to be a Maine girl for a couple of days.

Maine is known for having lighthouses, like.. tons of them.  On our trip, we were only able to see one, and here’s the view from it.


Pretty spectacular, right?  Look at the blue water and the green plants, and just so you know, there’s no filter on this photo because nature needs no filter.  Facts.

On the topic of nature, let’s talk about Acadia National Park.


The view from Jordan’s Pond

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, and that’s a fact.  Besides the fact that you’re basically walking into a screensaver and postcard worthy landscapes, Acadia is a place that everyone can enjoy.  There are hiking trails, bike paths, walking trails, and even rock climbing in the park and not to mention a pretty awesome restaurant overlooking the Jordan Pond.  The views are breathtaking and the air is crisp.  When I was there, I definitely channeled the nature side of me, can you tell?

Besides Jordan Pond, my family and I visited Cadillac Mountain where the views are so Instagram worthy.


That picture above doesn’t even do it justice.  There was no way I was able to capture it with my iPhone, and even when I was using my camcorder, I don’t even think I was able to capture the true essence and beauty of the mountain.  You just gotta see it for yourself!  Don’t worry, I’m working on a Maine recap video that I’ll be releasing next week on the blog just to show you the beautiful Maine views.

Besides the spectacular views and nature fun that awaits at Acadia National Park, if you’re ever in Maine, be sure to stop by the downtown area of Bar Harbor.


A look from the waterfront at Bar Harbor

Besides having spectacular waterfront views, the town has tons of local restaurants and shops that you’re definitely going to want to try.  My recommendation?  Grab dinner at Blaze Craft Beer, get the blueberry popcorn from Bar Harbor Popcorn, stop by In the Woods to see some handcrafted wood pieces, grab some blueberry ice cream from CJ’s Big Dipper, and try opening the safe at Sailor & Hook for a certificate!

Lots of the local businesses embrace the state fruit of Maine: the blueberry, which explains why there’s blueberry popcorn and ice cream, but don’t be afraid.  They’re super delicious, and I am now a blueberry fan.

Outside of the downtown area of Bar Harbor, there’s a small vineyard called Bar Harbor Wine Cellars where you’re able to sample 4-6 wines for $15!  My parents and I were able to sample them and fell in love with their blueberry dessert wine (more blueberries!).  We loved it so much we bought a couple bottles with us back home and gave it to our family members.


And of course, it’s not a trip to Maine without sampling some of the delicious Maine lobsters.  My family and I stopped by lobster pounds throughout the area and they were all delicious that I can’t even pick one, but there are a ton along State Highway 3 that are worth trying!

While Maine is not a New York, LA, or Boston, it’s a town with its own charm, character, and coast.  If you’re looking for a chill road trip outside of the NYC area and don’t mind driving 8-10 hours, definitely hit up Bar Harbor, Maine.  It’s a city I definitely want to go back to in an upcoming summer, and then I can enjoy the beautiful Maine coastline again.

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