Gourmet Ice Pops from The Hyppo


I recently traveled to St. Augustine, Florida and strolled around the beautiful Old City.  While there were a large amount of delicious restaurants (more posts to come soon!), and picturesque views, my favorite spot would probably be The Hyppo, a shop that has gourmet ice pops, a perfect treat for the warm Florida weather.

The Hyppo has two locations in St. Augustine, so you’re bound to bump into one when you’re taking in the town on a gorgeous day.  I ended my day trip to St. Augustine with an ice pop from The Hyppo and it was delicious.

With a price of $3.75 and the option to dip it in chocolate for $1, The Hyppo has a large variety of flavors to choose from.  

The best part about these ice pops are that they’re all-natural and made with no artificial ingredients – they’re made with fresh fruit.  The ice pops are also non-GMO and gluten-free, so it offers patrons a healthy sweet treat to cool off in the Florida heat.

Above are just a handful of flavors of ice pops at The Hyppo, there are tons more.

Ranging from Blood Orange Cheesecake to Mexican Hot Chocolate, I had such trouble choosing.  With flavors like that, I wanted all of them!


A horchata ice pop dipped in chocolate, yum!

After about five minutes of debating and talking to charming staff that worked there, I decided on a Horchata ice pop dipped in chocolate, and it was delicious.  It was the perfect treat to have on a day where the heat index was ‘extremely dangerous.’  My only regret is that I was too full to try the Mexican Hot Chocolate ice pop, but the next time I’m back in St. Augustine, you can definitely find me trying out new flavors at The Hyppo.

You can check out The Hyppo at their site here.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions about The Hyppo are genuine, and not sponsored.  I received no compensation for writing this post or eating at this establishment.

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