In Defense of Carmelo Anthony


If there is one thing that you need to know about me is that I am a devoted sports fan, specifically, I’m a devoted Knicks fan.  That being said, I have some thoughts about all of the storylines surrounding Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks superstar.

Do not get me wrong, I am just as frustrated as you are fellow Knicks fans.  I mean… we just lost against the Baby Lakers AND we were down by 27 points at one point in the game.  We’ve lost close games in the 4th quarter and the losing streak deflated my hopes of the Knicks making it past the second round of the playoffs this year (which means that I will probably owe my friend CJ a meal at the end of the season).  But no matter how upset I get at the Knicks, nothing upsets me more than seeing people boo or turn against Carmelo.

Yes, we should have a better record given the guys on our roster.  Yes, he plays too much isolation ball.  And yes, he does need to pass the ball more, but that is besides the point, guys.  Carmelo seems like he is the only one still trying.  He’s one of the most consistent players, if not the most consistent player on the Knicks this season averaging a solid 22.9 points a game with 6 rebounds (shoutout to ESPN for the stat line) and yet, he’s the guy that hears all the boos at The Garden, the guy who gets blamed for the Knicks losses, and the guy that mostly everyone wants to trade away.  But the New York Knicks isn’t just Carmelo Anthony, remember guys, he’s got teammates, too.

I respect Melo, I really do.  Dude has pledged his loyalty to the Knicks organization and wants to help put our team back to its winning ways – even when fans scream that they want him gone, he laughs it off and says that he wants to stay.  The media rips him apart for his lack of leadership and the supposed beef between him and Phil Jackson and he still has got a smile on his face.  We boo him when he misses a shot or doesn’t get enough points in a half, but a split second later we are serenading him with cheers when he ties the game and breaks the record for the most points scored in a quarter in Knicks history.  We complain when he gets fouled and doesn’t get the call, but we are quick to ship him off to another team in favor of another star player.  We make the case that the players around him need to be better, but we poke holes in his defense and his passing.  Despite all of that back and forth, Carmelo still wants to be a Knick which shows you two things:

  1. Knicks fans have a weird relationship with Melo.
  2. He is dedicated to the Knicks.

Melo didn’t have to re-sign in 2014, he could have left, but he stayed.  He stayed and he’s still here (as of right now), and still trying to figure out to win in New York.  Remember guys, even Porzingis wants Melo to stay and he’s our savior (#PorzinGod).  So, yes, I want Melo to stay because the Knicks is his ride or die, and even though I’m upset that we’re not doing well, I find comfort in knowing that Melo wants to win and is trying to figure it out not just for himself, but for us fans, too.

So don’t worry, Melo.  Not everyone wants you gone.  Me and countless others still see your effort and want you to stay in New York, and I’m proud to have a player on my team like you that wants to stay and make it work.  I may yell at you sometimes, but don’t take it personally – the heat of the game sometimes gets the best of me.  #StayMe7o, Melo.

– Marian

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