Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition

It's Time To Hustle. (2)

My closet is filled with clothes that I no longer use (or fit) but I keep them anyway.  Why?  I’m emotionally attached to them, and I’m convinced that all my clothes will come back in style eventually so why should I take things out if I’m going to buy them again in the future — am I right?  Wrong.  I’m wrong.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that my wardrobe is smaller.  I no longer am fond of some of the items in my closet and find myself repurposing the same pieces in different ways.  It’s great in a sense that I am able to invest in really great wardrobe staples, but not great where I have all of these excess clothes that I no longer want.

Over two weeks, I purged my closet and reorganized everything.  I removed about 100+ pieces of clothing and all because I asked myself three questions.

  1. Would I want to be seen with this on?
  2. How can I use this piece in two different ways?
  3. Have I worn this piece 3 or more times in the past year?

While it does feel great to clean out my closet, I had no idea what to do with the rest of my clothes.  I set aside a large portion of clothes that I could donate, but some of the pieces I wanted to get rid of were statement pieces that I’ve only worn 1-2 times.  Cue Poshmark.  I spent a whole day photographing old clothes and posting them on the app (check out my closet here) and even made a sale!  If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to get rid of some of your clothes, I highly recommend using Poshmark.

De-cluttering my closet definitely made my life a lot easier.  I no longer have to search through a barrage of clothes I don’t use, and it makes me feel better knowing that my unused clothes are living another life with someone who would appreciate it.  As summer is fast approaching and you’re moving those dresses to the front of your closet, use my three questions and find some clothes to donate or sell!  Trust me, a clean closet is the first step in an easier morning.

— Marian

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