A Simple DIY Graduation Gift

It's Time To Hustle. (1)

You know what time it is friend, graduation season.  As we wrap up the month of May, many of my friends wrapped up their collegiate career and are ready to take on the world.  Yay!  But, then comes graduation parties and presents.  Now, I pride myself on being a great gift-giver so coming up with cute and affordable graduation presents for a lot of my friends was tough, but I brought out my DIY skills and made this graduation cap mason jar.


How did I do this, you ask?  Simple.  I grabbed some black construction paper and wrapped a small piece of it around the rim of the mason jar, cut out a small circle and a square for the top of the grad cap and taped it to the top of the mason jar, and made a little mini tassle by bunching up some embroidery thread.

All that I needed was stuff that was already in my house: black construction paper, scissors, tape, and yellow thread.


Here’s the top of the mason jar

Apologies for not taking photos step-by-step, so definitely hit me up in the comments section if you need any clarification on any steps.


Finished product!

But get this – the best part of the gift is not the fact that it’s a super simple and cute gift, it’s the inside of the mason jar that counts.  My friend Danica and I are the sentimental types, so we both wrote a letter to our friends and put them in their mason jar for their reading pleasure.  We added a couple of other things like chocolate covered strawberries (I made them at home!) and some makeup inside the bag, too.

We like to think our friends liked it, and it definitely made the gift a lot more personal.  I had to make six mason jars and it took about 1 hour – it took longer than it should have because I was watching the newest season of Masters of None.  Nevertheless, the gifts came out great!  If you guys end up trying this gift, send me some pics – I’d love to see your spin on them.  ‘Til next time!

– Marian

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