Thanks For Everything, Melo

youth has no age

I am a Knicks fan, through and through.  So, you can imagine my feelings when I heard that our hometown boy, Carmelo Anthony, was traded to OKC.  I knew it was coming, but I was still extremely sad.  I started to write this post on and off for the last two weeks because it felt… weird.  Seeing Melo’s highlights in an OKC uniform was jarring, and made me feel many things.  So, after a couple of weeks to digest, here’s my letter to Melo.

Dear Melo,

Where do I begin?  I remember when I heard you got traded seven years ago – it was so exciting to be a Knicks fan.  In your first game, I rushed home from school, my brother came over, we sat down in front of our TV and watched your NYK debut with our dad.  I felt chills when I heard the chords of Diddy’s song “I’m Coming Home” and watched your highlights – you were ours!  We couldn’t believe it.

You sent NYC into a full-blown frenzy.  We finally had a star – don’t get me wrong, STAT was great but we had you – Carmelo freaking Anthony. 

Through the years, you gave us Knicks fan so much to cheer about.  Who can forget those 42 points in the 2011 playoffs, that Easter Day game against the Bulls in 2012 that sent my family into a frenzy, or that entire winning streak in 2013?!  Good times.  With the good, of course comes the bad.  The injuries, the frustration, and the inability to get over that playoff hump.

Through it all, you remained adamant about staying a Knick.  You weren’t going to leave when everyone told you to, but you were going to leave on your terms.  I will admit, the last couple of seasons have been painful, but knowing that we still had the chance to see some of those 3-point celebrations was comforting.  I just wish we could have given you more.

I wish we were able to give you a championship parade.  Instead, we fought for you (sometimes with you), yelled at you, and pushed you to be better.  Side Note: Know that when I yelled at you, I didn’t really mean it… I was just upset.

Now your time in NYC is over; you’ve got a new squad and we’ve got a new-ish squad.  On opening day, you’ll be going against us – and while I am a Knicks fan until the end, know that I will be secretly cheering for you to go off against us.  Because you deserve to win, you deserve a shot at a championship, and you deserve to succeed.

It wasn’t always a walk in the park during your time in NYC, but you pushed through like a true New Yorker.  You grinded through the media, the front office, and sometimes us fans, and we love you for it.  You will always have a place in my heart because you injected so much life into the franchise; you made me proud to be a Knicks fan.  I can’t even put my gratitude to you in words – it simply wouldn’t be enough, so I’ll keep it short & sweet.

Thank you for believing in our city and in us, the fans.  Thank you for giving my family unforgettable memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Thank you for being NYC ’till you die.  But most importantly, thank you for staying with us through thick and thin.  For that, I’ll always be rooting for you.

– Marian


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